About Us

Mugzy & Valentino, 1999

 Holistic Hounds

We have been fostering, boarding, petsitting and loving small dogs for over 25 years in Scottsdale, Flagstaff and now Chino Valley,  Arizona. 

Our first dog, Mugzy was purchased from the trunk of a car before I knew better, ill-bred and unwell.   My research into natural foods to get him healthy led me to start this educational website in early 2000. I learned that VARIETY is the most important "ingredient" and herbal supplements and homeopathy are how we have always treated our pets. We were holistic before it was "cool"!!!

In 2006 we left Scottsdale and  opened Bowser's Bistro in Flagstaff AZ, a small natural pet market and dog daycare center offering my fresh-baked treats and healthy foods.

Fast forward to today, you will find me at home sewing my custom pet creations, but Holistic Hounds will always be near and dear to my heart.  I no longer sell commercial pet foods online, as bigger companies have taken over the mail-order pet food business and I can't compete with their bulk prices. But I am happy to help you make better decisions for your own pets from my years of trial and error!