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I am NOT a vet, but a self-taught pet wellness expert with 25 years of private research and application with my own dogs, foster dogs and customer's dogs.

We've personally dealt with and have experience with Cushing disease, Hypothyroidism, Subcutaneous Hemangiosarcoma, ACL repairs, natural seizure treatment and lymphoma as well as homemade diets, natural treat recipes, herbal and homeopathic modalities.

I do recommend and use certain products and will refer you to these companies for purchase.  I do NOT make a commission on these referrals nor do I receive any compensation from these outside companies.  I consider this a public service, not a business.

Need a great vet in the Prescott tri-city area? We use Dr. Leonda Armstrong of Circle L Animal Hospital in Chino Valley and she also owns 4 Paws Wellness Center in Prescott. www.4pawsrehabclinic.com 

2893 Venture Dr, Prescott, AZ 86301

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